Flip-books on Ancient Buddhist Texts

Buddhist Wisdom Verses

About a month ago I discovered a new and rather good-looking platform for the publication of pdfs, which automatically converts the files to flip-books, which are quick to load and present nicely in the browser.

The service is provided by ISSUU (pronounced issue), and over the past few weeks I have been converting and uploading books found in the English section of my Ancient Buddhist Texts website to the site.

One good thing about the service is that I am now able to upload books in their published format, so that others can download and print them directly. With the unpublished, I have now provided at least a front cover, and converted the files to A5 size, which for me has been the main work involved.

I have also been able to upload some of the other works I have published, and the first one I prepared in this way was Bhikkhu Sumedha’s book on Pain, Stress and Illness. But I have also uploaded books by Ven. Dhammika and by my teacher Godwin.

It is possible for others to embed the format directly to their websites, and quickly share on Facebook and Twitter. The free service (which is what I have, of course) has some advertising for works that are for sale on the platform, but it is very unobtrusive.

It has also encouraged me to prepare books for possible future publication, and one of the books I am looking to get printed soon is a collection of Buddhist Wisdom Verses, which I use here to illustrate the format.

I would be interested in any feedback you have about the new format.


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