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While making the flip-books that I announced last week, I added covers to all the pdfs, so that they look attractive sitting on my ISSUU shelf.

This then necessitated remaking the ebooks in epub and mobi format, so that those without covers now have them, and the ones that had covers are updated to match the pdfs 🙂

These were then all uploaded, so that now the whole English section of the website is available in no less than sx formats: HTM, PDF, EPUB, MOBI, FLIP-BOOK & MP3.

But it has also seemed to be a good idea to set up an E-books page (thanks to Ven. Khemaratana for the suggestion), for those looking specifically for offline reading, which is becoming more and more popular these days.

So I have a parallel to the English section now which is found on the E-books page, where both epub and mobi are properly listed and easily available.

They can all be downloaded in bulk from the zip files that are found on that page also. They can still be accessed from each individual page also.

* * *

Many people have asked me to make other texts available, especially from my Texts and Translations page. However, these were made specifically with a larger size page in mind, and the work involved in reformatting them is more than I am willing to do.

(I am only one monk working alone at these materials, and there are limits to what I can manage if I still want to find time to sleep at nights).

However, recently I came across GrabMyBooks, a very good add-on for Firefox, which enables anyone to convert and re-edit a webpage before saving in the epub format.

At present it doesn’t allow for the setting of the font, but if the eReader font is set to Time New Roman it should be OK, as all characters are within that font’s character range.

Once in epub format it is easy to convert to mobi (for the Kindle reader) using Calibre, a free and an excellent software for Windows. Here is Buddhist Wisdom Verses in mobi format as seen in the inbuilt eReader for Calibre:


Buddhist Wisdom Verses in mobi format


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