Buddha, a poem by A. Christina Albers

Today I am publishing one of the shortest biographies of the Buddha I have come across. The whole work is less than 400 lines and takes around 35 minutes to read. I found it in an obscure Volume in Honour of B.C. Law that was published by the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute in Poona, India in 1946.

A. Christina Albers was the author of numerous books and articles on both Buddhist and Hindu subjects. Amongst her other works I have found: Buddhist tales for children; Ancient tales of Hindustan; Ram-Sita, the Ramayana in verse; Yogmaya and other dramatic poems; and an article on Vaisakha.

Both the text and the reading can be found HERE on my Ancient Buddhist Texts website.

Mural from Po Win Daung, Myanmar
The Awakened One
Mural from Po Win Daung, Myanmar


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2 comments to Buddha, a poem by A. Christina Albers


    I am preparing a paper on one of the books of A Christina Albers. I have searched about her biography, but I am sorry to say I couldn’t. Can anybody help me to get at least some information about her?????

  • Anandajoti

    Dear RAJARAM, I also searched for biographical info when preparing her book, but was unable to turn anything up. If by chance you have better luck than me, please post something back here.

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