Audio Flipbook of Arahat Sanghamitta’s Story

A couple of weeks ago I released an audio flipbook of The Life of the Victorious Buddha on youtube, which seems to have been well-received. I learned a lot making that video, and have also improved on it hopefully in the new flipbook of Arahat Sanghamittā’s Story.

The main problem I saw after publishing the first book was that the text is too small, and is only clear in high-definition, so here I have abandoned the actual published book format, and concentrated more of getting the text larger, so it more-or-less fits the screen.

The reading of the book was made before the Sanghamittā book was even conceived, and it consists for the most part of extracts from my larger selection of translations from the Extended Mahāvaṁsa, Asoka and the Missions.

When I made the extract I changed some of the titles and some of the text in a small way, so I have had to re-record some parts of the audio also, but there are still some small differences that I have allowed to stand.



if this video is no longer available please leave a comment so I can update the page


Arahat Sanghamitta’s Story


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