3rd Edition of Daily Chanting Published

Last month I published the 3rd revised and enlarged edition of my major chanting book Safeguard Recitals.

Because of that revision I had to look again at my Daily Chanting book as many of the texts are drawn from the larger book.

That prompted me to revise the book in a number of ways to make it more accessible and easier to use; I have updated the formatting of the text so that it matches the larger work, and added titles where they were missing earlier.

The book is available in html, pdf, flipbook, epub and mobi formats, and I have also recorded the Pāḷi chants, which can be downloaded either from the page itself, or in a zip from the Audio page.

The book itself gives a selection of verses that are recited when worshipping the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sangha; and a collection of discourses that are popularly used as Safeguards. Part of the chants found in the book are meant to be recited every day, and part rotate on a weekly basis.

The system for the chanting is as follows: first there is Recollection of the Three Treasures and other objects of worship; this is followed by Pūjā (which will depend on what is being offered); then the daily Protection chants section begins. At the end of the special chants for the day there is meditation, and when finished there is the Conclusion.

The system for the chanting takes around 20 minutes, and so is quite suitable for home use as well as use in Temples, Buddhist Centres, etc. Meditation time can be as long as is suitable, or, if not suitable, can be omitted, of course. As the chants change each day there is enough variety to maintain interest, and the book contains some of the main shorter discourses of the Buddha, which will then become familiar.

When I had finished updating the book it became clear to me that it now makes a perfect companion piece to my Safeguard Recitals, and so I contacted Buddha Educational Foundation in Taiwan, who are printing that book, and asked if they would be able to print this one at the same time, and they agreed. Both books should be ready before the end of the year, and when available I will update with an announcement here.


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