Dalai Lama: The Role of the Feminine

Dalai-LamaIn this extract from a longer talk on Human Rights through Universal Responsibility H.H. The Dalai Lama discusses the evolution of gender roles through history and the need for a more feminine predominance in this day and age.

H.H. sees the feminine as being integrally related to compassion and the crying need for a different outlook in the modern world, which is dominated by economics.

The talk was originally given as the keynote address at the Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission event held in Bhopal, India, on March 17th, 2010.


On the navigation bar it looks like the talk will be nearly 42 minutes long, but it starts at 33 minutes, so it is, in fact, only 9 minutes long. If you would like to see the whole talk simply take the video back to the beginning, or replay it when it gets to the end.


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