Unedited Archives of Acarya Godwin’s Retreat Talks

Portrait, Sri Lanka, 1990s

I have recently created an archival page for unedited works of Godwin’s talks, both in text and in recorded (mp3) format; we had previously made the edited transcripts of Godwin’s talks available from each page, but now there is a separate section for them.

The most important addition though is over 100 hours of unedited recordings, together with the original live translations, as they were made. This is a huge repository previously unavailable to people, and I hope to add more to it later as and when materials become available.

I should make it clear that although I have done some basic editing the audio talks presented here are simply archives, they have not been properly edited, which means there are sometimes long pauses (especially in guided meditations), glitches, bad joins and other problems.

If anyone is willing to work on this material and to get it better edited I will then post it to the Audio page, where the edited versions of some of these tapes are already housed.

Meanwhile, this should be a boon for non-English speakers, as we have recordings of live translations in German, Dutch and Chinese; and also for those who would like to hear the original recordings, full of Godwin’s jokes and infectious laughter.



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