Spencer Sanchez: Buddhist Hip-Hop

As regular readers will know I often feature music on Dharma Records. Normally it is traditional music, having some sort of connection to Buddhist cultures throughout S.E. Asia.


Recently however I was contacted by an American Buddhist Hip-Hop rapper, and given a link to his page. It was obviously a circular, but I gave it a listen, and the results were so very good I thought to share it with you.

The rapper is Spencer Sanchez (aka Master Narsimha), and is operating out of Santa Rosa, California. He is the leader of the Buddha Nature Dharma Center there which is coming out of the Tibetan tradition, and uses his music as an integral part of his practice and Dharma activities.

He also is running his own record label, Skillful Methods Records. Here’s what he himself has to say about the following collection of raps:

A Cultivator is a Buddhist rapper who is using his music to help spread Buddhism in America. He insists that his lyrics aren’t designed to teach Buddhism, rather they are a musical invitation for people to learn for themselves. A Cultivator hopes to show people that being a Buddhist isn’t something that only monks can do. He wants to show that being a Raider fan, watching Seinfeld and rapping are things that Buddhists can do as well.

A Cultivator just released his first mixtape in February and is now staying busy running the label, managing his after school program and maintaining The Buddha Nature Dharma Center in Santa Rosa, CA.

Hope you enjoy, and if you do please share this with others.

A Cultivator by Skillful Methods Records


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