Bhikkhu Moneyya: Good Parenting

Bhikkhu Moneyya
Bhante at Bodhi Lankarama

Recently YouTube upgraded my Dharma Records account so I can now upload videos longer than 15 minutes, which is a relief, as it was not always easy to cut things to fit into their previous time limit, and the even more limiting 10 minutes which preceded it.

I have celebrated by uploading this talk by Bhikkhu Moneyya that I recorded while I was in Bodhi Lankarama in Taiping; and will republish a few more that are up till now hidden away on the unfortunately obscure Internet Archive, where not so many think to look.

In the talk Bhante talks about the qualities that make for good parenting, and how the example a parent sets can and will influence their children for better or for worse.


if this video is no longer available please leave a comment so I can update the page


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