Peradeniya Hospital Burn’s Unit Launch

Since writing this I have moved all of Bhikkhu Sumedha’s teaching and paintings to a new site specially for his work, see: Bhikkhu Sumedha – His Teaching and Paintings

Bhikkhu Sumedha
Bhikkhu Sumedha

Bhikkhu Sumedha’s final wish was to help to establish a Burn’s Unit at the Peradeniya Hospital, it was indeed because of this project that I finally got to meet him, as he wanted me to help him write an appeal.

Unfortunately he passed away before his last good deed could be accomplished. Now though friends of Bhikkhu Sumedha have set up a Trust Fund, and today an exhibition of his paintings will be held, a film made in his last weeks will be shown, and his book A Buddhist Perspective on Pain, Stress and Illness will be officially launched in Sri Lanka.

Both his lay friends and supporters, the Hospital authorities and the US Ambassador to Sri Lanka will attend, and we are hoping that with this commemorative event to set in motion the wheels that will lead to the establishment of the Unit.

If you can, please get along there, and if you are unable to attend, please consider going to the Bhikkhu Sumedha Trust website and making a donation to this very good cause.

Here is the full schedule:

Bhikkhu Sumedha Commemorative High Tea

Date and Time: Saturday, December 17, 2011 3-6pm
Venue: Mini Ball Room – Queens Hotel , Kandy, Sri Lanka


Exhibition of Bhikkhu Sumedha paintings: from 1.00pm – 6.00pm

Stage 1: Inauguration and Book Launch

1500 – 1505 Lighting of oil lamp by:

HE Ambassador – United State of America
Honorable Governor/ Mayor
Director THP
Dr Gamini Buthpitiya, Dean/Faculty of Medicine
Mr. Jagath Wijesiri
Trustees: Mohan, Amal, Chula

1505 – 1515 ‘Anusasana’ by Welimada Doralande Dhammgavesi Thero
1515 – 1520 Message from Bhikkhu Bodhi read by Mr Ken Kawasaki
1520 – 1530 Ven Bhikkkhu Sumedha’s book : A Buddhist Perspective on Pain, Stress and Illness.
How the book was made: by Prof Chula Goonasekera
1530 – 1545 Excerpts from the book read by (a) Ms. Visakha Kawasaki (b) Mr. Michael Fronczak
1545 – 1550 Launching of the book by Ms. Visakha Kawasaki
1550 – 1555 Distribution of the book
1555 – 1610 excerpts from ‘The Truth is Unbelievable,’ a film by Cora de Lang
DVD presentation by Mr. Ken Kawasaki

Stage 2: Proposed Burns Care Facility at Peradeniya Hospital

1615 – 1625 Introduction to the proposed Burns Care Facility at Peradeniya by Prof Chula Goonasekera
1625- 1630 Speech by Dean Faculty of Medicine Bhikkhu Sumedha Services to Hospital & relevance of burns facility at Peradeniya
1630 – 1635 Burns Care: Surgical point of view and plan of development
Prof. MD Lamawansa Head: Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Peradeniya

Stage 3: Launch of the Bhikkhu Sumedha Trust

1635 – 1640 Introduction to the Bhikkhu Sumedha Trust and Trustees by Prof Chula Goonasekera
1640 – 1645 Donations already received by Mr Ken Kawasaki
1645 – 1650 Launching of Bhikkhu Sumedha Trust website & speech by HE Ambassador, USA
1650 – 1700 Vote of Thanks by Mr Mohan Samarakoon


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