Mural Walls at Bayon 3: Soldiers and Elephants at War

Bayon-Soldiers-and-Elephants-at-WarI have previously shown how I made videos out of photographs taken of murals at Bayon in Cambodia, in the following posts:

Mural Walls at Bayon 1: Microsoft’s Image Composite Editor

Mural Walls at Bayon 2: Digital Clip Factory

Today’s video was made in the same way and at the same time. Its publication was delayed while trying to get copyright permission for some music, which didn’t work out in the end (the publisher wanted USD250 🙂 so then I had to do a remake.

The video is made from three murals from the East Wall at Bayon at Angkor Thom. Scenes: the 1st mural shows the Khmer army marching from East to West; the 2nd from West to East; and the 3rd shows the Chams marching to meet them and engaging in battle.

The music is Cambodian Mahori music: Khmer Krang Phka, which has been edited down to the length of the video (5 mins). It was previously posted in a blog in July:

Traditional Mahori Music from Cambodia

For the high-definition files, slideshow and more photographs please see the SOURCE.

[flv image=””][/flv]



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