Bhante Anandajoti: 2. The Last Year of the Buddha’s Life


This is a video based on a talk I gave at the Vivekavana Buddhist Society on Sunday, June 3rd 2012.

It is the second in a series of talks on the early history of Buddhism, and covers the last year of the Buddha’s life, before he passed into parinibbana. [1]

The talk is illustrated with a map showing the main places the Buddha visited, with occasional photographs and text inserts, and it gives an outline of his final walking tour, the main events that occurred and whom he met during that time.

It also discusses in some detail the Buddha’s ideas on the organisation of civil society, and the similar organisation adopted in the Sangha; and his intention to set up the four assemblies right from the beginning of his ministry.

The talk is based on the information contained in The Discourse about the Great Emancipation, one of the longest discourses in the Canon. For much more information about this period in the Buddha’s life please see the discourse.


if this video is no longer available please leave a comment so I can update the page



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  1. The first of these talks was on the early life of the Buddha up to approximately one year after the Awakening

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