Bhante Anandajoti: Bodhi Puja


This is a recording of the popular Bodhi Pūjā held at the Bodhi Lankārāma temple in Taiping on March 5th, 2015. I have added subtitles in Pāḷi and English so it can easily be used at home for those lacking access to a Temple. The video is made in HD and it is best to access it at that quality so the text is clear.

The Bodhi Pūjā is, in fact, a fairly recent tradition in Sri Lanka, but it is already deeply embedded in the culture there. It appears to have been initiated by Ven Panadure Ariyadhamma in the 1970s, though it is based on similar kinds of pūjā which existed before that time.

In Sri Lanka the pūjā usually has a mix of Pāḷi and Sinhala chanting, but as the majority do not know Sinhala in Malaysia, I have omitted those sections. My version of the pūjā should be seen in conjunction with the video of the chanting of the three main protection discourses, which I prepared earlier, which is part of the extended chanting.

There is also a book to accompany the recording, which can be downloaded from here.


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