Ajahn Suthep: Introduction to Basic Dynamic Meditation

This is a video I recorded at the Bodhi Lankarama Buddhist Temple in Taiping in August 2009 when Ajahn Suthep came to give a seminar during the temple’s 120th anniversary celebrations. In it Ajahn gives an introduction to Basic Dynamic Meditation showing how to get started with the technique.

[flv image=”http://www.bodhilankarama.net/images/Ajahn-Suthep-Basic.jpg”]http://www.archive.org/download/Ajahn-Suthep-Introduction-to-Basic-Dynamic-Meditation/24-Ajahn-Suthep-Introduction-to-Basic-Dynamic-Meditation-640_512kb.mp4[/flv]

Ajahn Suthep’s Schedule during Vassāna.


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