Ajahn Karuniko: Right Speech


Ajahn Karuniko is the vice-Abbot of Chithurst Buddhist Monastery in England and one of the most senior of Ajahn Semedho’s disciples, having taken higher ordaination 1982.

He was in Malaysia for a couple of weeks recently and spent most days teaching and giviing Dhamma talks, which is always appreciated by the Malaysian devotees.

He also came to Vivekavana for a short stay, and gave a talk at the Vivekavana Office one Sunday night, before chasing off for talks in Bodhi Hearts in Penang the next day.

The subject of his talk was good and skilful speech, and was at partly based on the advice of the Buddha given in Subhasitasutta (SN 1.8.5).

The hour-long talk was translated into Mandarin by Mr. Tan Ah Huat, and was followed by questions and answers, only one of which is included here which dealt with mindfulness meditation.


[flv image=”http://www.archive.org/download/Ajahn-Karuniko-Right-Speech/Ajahn-Karuniko.jpg”]http://www.archive.org/download/Ajahn-Karuniko-Right-Speech/Ajahn-Karuniko-Right-Speech_512kb.mp4[/flv]


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