Two Chanting Books now in Hard Copy for free Distribution

Update: these books were published in 2014, and were out of print within six months. If you need a printed copy the best option is to download the pdf, and print it yourself, or get it printed.

Some time ago I mentioned that I had just finished the 3rd editions of two of my chanting books: Safeguard Recitals, which is a major book covering most of the recitals made in the overnight chantings held in Sri Lanka; and Daily Chanting which is a compilation of popular chants arranged on a weekly schedule, and meant for use by monastics and lay alike.

Both of these books, which feature Pāḷi and English line-by-line, have now been published in large A4 format, which ring binding for easy use, by the Buddha Educational Foundation in Taiwan, and can be ordered from the bottom of this page.

There are also other books on that page which can be ordered at the same time, including my Buddhist Wisdom Verses, and books in many other languages.

I should mention that large quantities of the books are being shipped to Sri Lanka and Malaysia, and will be available from the Buddhist Publication Society in Kandy, and the Sentul Temple in Kuala Lumpur within a month or two, so if you are in these countries, please wait till they arrive.

People from other countries who would like copies can order direct from the publisher, and if you have a Buddhist center or temple nearby, you could see if they can use or help distribute the books, and then order as many as required.

Also if you know of anyone who can benefit, please do share a link to this page on your social media. A very big sādhu to the Foundation, to Bro. Andrew Lai, who helped facilitate the publication, and to the generous donors who make the distribution of Dhamma materials possible.

Please also remember that the books are available on my Ancient Buddhist Website in many different formats (htm, pdf, epub, mobi, flipbook) together with a recording of the chanting.


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