BWV 071: The Consequences of Listening to Slander

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Jā 349 Sandhibhedajātakaṁ
The Consequences of Listening to Slander

A jackal using slander sets two friends fighting, a bull and a lion, and eventually they kill each other. The jackal then eats their flesh. The King of men (the Bodhisatta) reflects on it in these verses addressed to his charioteer.

156. Neva itthīsu sāmaññaṁ nāpi bhakkhesu, Sārathī,
Athassa sandhibhedassa passa yāva sucintitaṁ.

Neither in females nor in food
Had they anything in common,
See how far this was well thought-out
To break apart their common bond.

157. Asi tikkho va maṁsamhi, pesuññaṁ parivattati,
Yatthūsabhañ-ca sīhañ-ca bhakkhayanti migādhamā.

As sharp as a sword in the flesh,
Slander surely turns them around,
The bull and lion were eaten
By the meanest of animals.

158. Imaṁ so sayanaṁ seti, sa-y-imaṁ passasi, Sārathī,
Yo vācaṁ sandhibhedassa pisuṇassa nibodhati.

He lies there brought down to the ground,
This is the fate of anyone
Who attends to a slanderer,
To the one who breaks apart bonds.

159. Te janā sukham-edhanti, narā Saggagatā-r-iva,
Ye vācaṁ sandhibhedassa nāvabodhanti, Sārathī.

Those people will gain happiness,
Like those people gone to Heaven,
Who do not attend to the word
Of that one who breaks apart bonds.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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