BWV 067: Reconciliation and Responsibility

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Jā 312 Kassapamandiyajātakaṁ
Reconciliation and Responsibility

A father and a younger brother argue along the road, and the Bodhisatta reproves them with these words.

143. Sace pi santo vivadanti, khippaṁ sandhīyare puna,
Bālā pattā va bhijjanti, na te samatham-ajjhagū,
144. Ete bhiyyo samāyanti sandhi tesaṁ na jīrati.

If good people quarrel, they should
Quickly join together again,
Making a strong, undecaying bond,
Only fools, like broken bowls,
Do not come to a settlement.

Yo cādhipannaṁ jānāti, yo ca jānāti desanaṁ,
145. Eso hi uttaritaro bhāravaho dhurandharo,
Yo paresādhipannānaṁ sayaṁ sandhātum-arahati.

He who understands the problem,
He who understands the teaching,
Is a brother who bears his duties,
He is surely worthy to be
A conciliator of others.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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