BWV 066: Not Listening to Divisive Speech

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Jā 361 Vaṇṇārohajātakaṁ
Not Listening to Divisive Speech

A jackal tries to divide a lion and a tiger by sowing dissension so he can eat their flesh. They remain friends and the jackal flees.

41. Yo paresaṁ vacanāni saddahetha yathātathaṁ,
Khippaṁ bhijjetha mittasmiṁ, verañ-ca pasave bahuṁ.

He who listens to another,
Accepting his words as true,
Will quickly break off with his friend,
Bringing a great deal of hatred.

142. Na so mitto yo sadā appamatto,
Bhedāsaṅkī randham-evānupassī,
Yasmiñ-ca seti urasīva putto,
Sa ve mitto so abhejjo parehi.

A friend should always be heedful,
Not seeking dissession or fault,
Like a child lying on the breast,
A friend should not cut off his friends.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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