BWV 065: Overstaying One’s Welcome

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Jā 528 Mahābodhijātakaṁ
Overstaying One’s Welcome

The Bodhisatta is an ascetic who is invited by the King to stay in his park. After some time the King plots to kill him, and he decides to leave.

139. Accābhikkhaṇasaṁsaggā asamosaraṇena ca,
Etena mittā jīranti – akāle yācanāya ca.

Too constant an association
And never coming together,
Through these things will friendship decay –
And through begging at the wrong time.

140. Tasmā nābhikkhaṇaṁ gacche, na ca gacche cirāciraṁ,
Kālena yācaṁ yāceyya, evaṁ mittā na jīyare,
Aticiraṁ nivāsena piyo bhavati appiyo.

Therefore do not go constantly,
After a long time do not go,
Begging a gift at the right time,
His friendships will never decay,
Through staying back for a long time
One held dear is no more held dear.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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