BWV 053: Friendship knows no Boundaries

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Jā 121 Kusanāḷijātakaṁ
Friendship knows no Boundaries

The Bodhisatta was one time born as a lowly god in a sacred reed (Kusanāḷi). Nevertheless he was able to save the home of a god who lived in a tree, who then spoke this verse.

102. Kare sarikkho, atha vā pi seṭṭho,
Nihīnako vā pi, kareyya mitto,
Kareyyuṁ te vyasane uttamatthaṁ,
Yathā ahaṁ Kusanāḷī rucāyaṁ.

The one the same, the one greater,
The one lower, let him make his friend,
He should help the unfortunates,
Just as the reed-god did to this tree.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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