BWV 048: Lack of Insight

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Sn 1.11 Vijayasuttaṁ
Lack of Insight

The Buddha describes the loathsomeness of the body and concludes the discourse with these verses.

96. Dipādako yaṁ asuci duggandho parihīrati,
Nānākuṇapaparipūro, vissavanto tato tato.

A person must take care
Of the impure body,
Which is full of corpses,
Oozing from here and there.

97. Etādisena kāyena yo maññe unnametave?
Paraṁ vā avajāneyya? Kim-aññatra adassanā.

Having such a body,
Who could be conceited?
Or disparage another?
Those with lack of insight.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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