BWV 031: Overcoming Defilements with their Opposites

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Dhp 223 Uttarā-Upāsikāvatthu
Overcoming Defilements with their Opposites

A wife hires a courtesan to look after her husband’s needs, while she serves the Buddha and his monks. The courtesan gets angry and tries to burn her with boiling ghee, but the power of loving-kindness stops it burning.

72. Akkodhena jine kodhaṁ, asādhuṁ sādhunā jine,
Jine kadariyaṁ dānena, saccenālikavādinaṁ.

One should overcome hate by love,
A lack of virtue by virtue,
Stinginess by generosity,
Lying and false speech by the truth.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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