BWV 029: Four Great Things

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SN 1.1.73 Vittasuttaṁ
Four Great Things

A God comes to the Buddha and asks four questions to which these are the replies.

69. Saddhīdha vittaṁ purisassa seṭṭhaṁ,
Dhammo suciṇṇo sukham-āvahāti,
Saccaṁ have sādutaraṁ rasānaṁ,
Paññājīviṁ jīvitam-āhu seṭṭhaṁ.

Faith is the greatest wealth in the world,
The Dhamma, when practiced, brings happiness,
The Truth is surely the sweetest of tastes,
Living wisely they say is the greatest.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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