BWV 027: Renouncing the Lesser Good for the Greater

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Dhp 290 Attanopubbakammavatthu
Renouncing the Lesser Good for the Greater

The Bodhisatta’s son meets some paccekabuddhas and attains Awakening and later dies. His father, when he finds out honours his grave. Afterwards when reborn the Bodhisatta attains Awakening and he is greatly honoured in a similar way.

67. Mattāsukhapariccāgā, passe ce vipulaṁ sukhaṁ,
Caje mattāsukhaṁ Dhīro, sampassaṁ vipulaṁ sukhaṁ.

If, by renouncing a small good,
He might see a great deal of good,
The Wise One should renounce that good,
Seeing the good that is greater.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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