BWV 023: The Gift of Fearlessness

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SN 1.1.33 Sādhusuttaṁ
The Gift of Fearlessness

The gods come to see the Buddha and praise various kinds of giving, including the gift of fearlessness.

61. Yo pāṇabhūtāni aheṭhayaṁ caraṁ,
Parūpavādā na karoti pāpaṁ,
Bhīruṁ pasaṁsanti, na tattha sūraṁ,
Bhayā hi santo na karonti pāpaṁ.

Living without hurting living beings,
Fearing blame and doing nothing wicked,
They praise the cautious, not the incautious,
Through conscience the good do nothing wicked.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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