BWV 019: The Path to Heaven

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Jā 458 Udayajātakaṁ
The Path to Heaven

The Bodhisatta, reborn as the Lord of the Gods Sakka, explains the path to Heaven to his former wife.

57. Vācaṁ manañ-ca paṇidhāya sammā,
Kāyena pāpāni akubbamāno,
Bahunnapānaṁ gharam-āvasanto,
Saddho mudū saṁvibhāgī vadaññū,
Saṅgāhako sakhilo saṇhavāco –
Etthaṭṭhito paralokaṁ na bhāye.

Through rightly aspiring with voice and mind,
And doing nothing wicked with the body,
A layman, with abundant food and drinks,
Should be faithful, generous, bountiful,
Being kind in his heart, and kind in speech –
One who lives like this need not fear dying.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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