BWV 011: Various Dangers

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DN 31 Sigālasuttaṁ
Various Dangers

The Buddha explains various dangerous courses of action to the young man Sigāla.

27. Ussūraseyyā paradārasevanā,
Verappasaṅgo ca anatthatā ca,
Pāpā ca mittā, sukadariyatā ca:
Ete cha ṭhānā purisaṁ dhaṁsayanti.

Those who sleep late, and go to others’ wives,
Are inclined to hate, disregarding good,
Have wicked friends, and are very stingy:
These six things will surely destroy a man.

28. Pāpamitto pāpasakho, pāpa-ācāragocaro,
Asmā lokā paramhā ca ubhayā dhaṁsate naro.

Having a wicked companion,
A wicked conduct and living,
A person is surely destroyed
Both in this world and in the next.

29. Akkhitthiyo vāruṇī naccagītaṁ,
Divā soppaṁ, pāricariyā akāle,
Pāpā ca mittā, sukadariyatā ca,
Ete cha ṭhānā purisaṁ dhaṁsayanti.

Addiction to women, drink, song and dance,
Sleeping in the day, wandering at night,
Having wicked friends, and being stingy:
These six things will surely destroy a man.

30. Akkhehi dibbanti, suraṁ pivanti,
Yant’ itthiyo pāṇasamā paresaṁ,
Nihīnasevī na ca vuddhasevī,
Nihīyate kāḷapakkhe va candimā.

Through playing with dice and drinking liquor,
Going to others’ wives, held dear as life,
Practicing what is base, not what prospers,
He wanes like the moon in the dark fortnight.

31. Yo vāruṇi adhano akiñcano,
Pipāso pivaṁ papaṁ gato,
Udakam-iva iṇaṁ vigāhati,
Akulaṁ kāhati khippam-attano.

He who drinks too much, and is destitute,
Thirsty for drink like one come to water,
Who falls into debt as into a river,
He quickly undoes his own family.

32. Na divā soppasīlena, rattim-uṭṭhānadassinā,
Niccaṁ mattena soṇḍena, sakkā āvasituṁ gharaṁ.

Being sleepy during the day,
And energetic at night-time,
Being addicted to drinking,
He no longer lives in his home.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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