BWV 008: The Wise attain Fame

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DN 31 Sigālasuttaṁ
The Wise attain Fame

These are the Buddha’s words at the conclusion of the instruction given to the young man Sigāla.

18. Paṇḍito sīlasampanno, saṇho ca paṭibhānavā,
Nivātavutti atthaddho: tādiso labhate yasaṁ.

The Wise One endowed with virtue,
Who is gentle, of ready wit,
Who is humble and not haughty:
Such a one will rightly gain fame.

19. Uṭṭhānako analaso, āpadāsu na vedhati,
Acchinnavutti medhāvī: tādiso labhate yasaṁ.

Active in good deeds, not lazy,
Not scared when facing misfortune,
Without defects and intelligent:
Such a one will rightly gain fame.

20. Saṅgāhako mittakaro, vadaññū vītamaccharo,
Netā vinetā anunetā: tādiso labhate yasaṁ.

Kindly and a maker of friends,
Being bountiful, unselfish,
Guide, leader, conciliator:
Such a one will rightly gain fame.

21. Dānañ-ca peyyavajjañ-ca, atthacariyā ca yā idha,
Samānatā ca dhammesu, tattha tattha yathārahaṁ,
Ete kho saṅgahā loko rathassāṇī va yāyato.

Generous, and having good speech,
Living for everyone’s benefit,
Equanimous towards all things,
He does that which is suitable,
These, like a chariot’s linchpin:
Will make the world go round.

22. Ete ca saṅgahā nāssu, na Mātā puttakāraṇā
Labhetha mānaṁ pūjaṁ vā, Pitā vā puttakāraṇā.

Without these kindnesses, Mothers
Would not receive the duties due
Such as respect, love and honour,
Fathers would not receive them too.

23. Yasmā ca saṅgahe ete samavekkhanti Paṇḍitā.
Tasmā mahattaṁ papponti, pāsaṁsā ca bhavanti te.

The Wise should give thought to kindness,
That way they attain what is great,
And they will be held up for praise.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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