BWV 001: One should be Amenable to Admonition

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Jā 406 Gandhārajātakaṁ
One should be Amenable to Admonition

Two Kings renounced the world and lived as ascetics. One day they fell into a quarrel about who should admonish the other.

1. No ce assa sakā buddhi, vinayo vā susikkhito,
Vane andhamahiṁso va careyya bahuko jano.

If he himself is not well-trained,
Intelligent and disciplined,
That person will wander around
Like a buffalo that is blind.

2. Yasmā ca panidhekacce ācāramhi susikkhitā,
Tasmā vinītavinayā caranti susamāhitā.

But since there are some who aspire
To be well-trained in good conduct,
Therefore, trained in the discipline,
They live with their minds well-composed.

from Buddhist Wisdom Verses


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