Bhikkhu Sumedha: His Teachings and Paintings

I have now prepared the second of the new websites that is published on the new Buddhasāsana website, this one dedicated to the Teachings and Paintings of Bhikkhu Sumedha.

to jump right in, just follow this link:
Bhikkhu Sumedha: His Teachings and Paintings

In 2010 I was contacted with a manuscript of teachings by the German monk Bhikkhu Sumedha, whom I had known during the last few months of his life in late 2006.

The teachings were those given to doctors and patients at the Intensive Care Unit in Peradeniya Hospital, where he had worked and helped out for the previous decade.

The manuscript took quite a lot of work to get into order, but was obviously going to be of great value, as it was one of the few books that deal with it’s subject of Pain, Stress and Illness, from a Buddhist wisdom point-of-view.

We managed to publish that book first in 2011, through Sukhi Hotu in Kuala Lumpur, then again in 2014, through the Buddha Educational Foundation in Taiwan, where it is still available, and I also published it in serialised form on this blog during 2011, together with my reading of the chapters.

Recently I also received permission to publish a collection of his paintings, which I originally put up on the Photo Dharma website.

Now I have prepared a dedicated website for these teachings and paintings on the new Buddhasāsana site, where all his works can be found collected together, and have removed them from earlier publication addresses.

There are also tributes written by Bhikkhu Bodhi, and by myself, and any other materials that come available can also now be housed there.

I am still working on more sites for this project, and hope to have five up in the coming weeks. I will announce more details here as we go along.


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