Uposatha Calendar 2014/2556

Patimokkha in Ariyaka Script


[3rd update: Dec. 26th, 2013]

Every year for around 15 years I have been preparing an Uposatha Calendar for the coming year, which shows the dates the Pātimokkha is held.

This started off as a calendar for monks in Sri Lanka, but after leaving that country in 2008 it seemed worthwhile to extend it to show the dates in the various main traditions: Sri Lankan, Thai and Burmese.

I include here a pdf for printing, and also image files for quick viewing.


3 comments to Uposatha Calendar 2014/2556

  • I noticed “Ubhato Patimokkha” written on the tag in the photo. What does that mean in this case — that the text contains both the bhikkhu and bhikkhuni patimokkha recitations?

  • Anandajoti

    Dear Ayya, yes indeed, the normal way to refer to both Pātimokkhas together is as Ubhato Pātimokkha.

  • Venerable Nissarano

    Dear Bhante,

    Much, much merit for the new Uposatha Calendar. It is very useful and clearly set out. I checked it against the Galduva Uposatha Calendar, I received recently, and it tallies exactly. I will make a few copies for other monks, particularly those in Taenna.

    I am still in Sri Lanka, staying in the Taenna area. I’ve been there almost 4 years now. My health is quite good, though I’ve had an ongoing prostate issue, which is not unusual for my age (61 now! ).

    I hope your health has improved and that the visa situation in Malaysia is ok now.

    With my Respects and thanks for your Dhamma work,

    Venerable Nissarano

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