Updated Audio Page on Ancient Buddhist Texts

I have recently remade the Audio Readings page on the Ancient Buddhist Texts website, which is consistently the most popular page on the site.

This has been a major overhaul, and I have now included all the mp3s on the site itself to make it easier to distribute the site for those who do not have continual internet access, and need offline access.

I have also made it easy to download the mp3s, which by now amount to 60+ hours of audio files directly from the site itself.

With the new coding for this facility it is possible a log file so I could see how many times the files were being downloaded, and I have been pleasantly surprised to find that around 500 zips, some containing dozens of mp3s are being downloaded every week.

This is besides the ones that are played online and not yet being logged. Given the fact that those files are free for sharing, and must be passed around I think it is really reaching a phenomenal amount of people, and makes the work seem really worthwhile.

The files are available from the Audio Readings page; and they are also available embedded in the text of the relevant page, which includes all of the English Only Texts, and a selection of other works, including texts in Pāḷi and Sanskrit.

I first started the audio recordings to help those who are visually challenged, but it seems many who are time challenged appreciate the work also. I hope you will enjoy the ease of the new page, and will share with others so that they can benefit from it also.



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