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Last March 22nd saw the 11th anniversary since Godwin Samamaratne, my first Dhamma teacher, passed away. Every year around the time of his anniversary there are a couple of rememberance occasions held at the two centres he founded, the main one at Nilambe, which is still a flourishing retreat centre, and the other at Godwin’s place in town, Lewella Meditation Centre.

It has also become a custom since around 2003 to republish some of Godwin’s teachings to be passed out to those who attend the ceremonies, and this year the Nilambe Buddhist Meditation Center Trust Board chose to republish the whole website dedicated to Godwin, Godwin Home Page, on CD with the title that we always use: Sharing the Dhamma.

We have published the CD several times before, in 2007, 2009 and in 2010 (a reprint of the 2007 edition). The CD contains most of Godwin’s talks in mp3 format as well, so even if a computer is not available, it is possible to listen to the talks on your mp3 player.

For those who are unable to get hold of a copy of the CD, don’t despair, as the whole website can be downloaded from this page. May Godwin’s teachings long inspire those who seek for the Dhamma in these confusing times!


Sharing the Dhamma CD


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