Safeguard Recitals now going for Free Distribution

Last week I mentioned that my Daily Chanting book had been republished. Also my major 300-page chanting book, Safeguard Recitals, has now been bought up from the Buddhist Publication Society and will go for free distribution.

The book is the complete overnight chanting that is used in the Sri Lankan tradition, and was made as an extension of the earlier book. It consists of the 29 pieces from the Catubhāṇavārapāḷi, along with the texts of the Great Protection (Mahāparittaṁ) and the Conclusion (Āvasānaṁ).

It was first published by BPS in 2004, and I understand that most of the remaining stock (around 2,000 copies) has now been bought out. It is going for free distribution thanks to the very faithful members of the de Alwis family in Kuala Lumpur, a family which has been a main support of the Sāsana in Malaysia ever since Mr. AA Gelis de Alwis came here in 1888 and founded the Taiping Bodhi Lankarama Buddhist Temple.

Mr. de Alwis was also a founding member of the Sasana Abhiwardhana Society in K.L., which set up the Brickfields Mahavihara temple, and later he served as President at that temple in the 1920s. His children and grandchildren have continued the example he set so well and are some of the best and most loyal supporters at both the Brickfields and Sentul temples.

Again if you can’t get the books from Malaysia, you can print your own copies by following this link to the online page at my Ancient Buddhist Texts website. You can also find a number of other chanting books there.

Safeguard Recitals


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