Improved Audio and Search Facilities on Ancient Buddhist Texts

I have continued to work on improving the audio facilities on Ancient Buddhist Texts over the past few weeks, which was spurred by finding out just how many of the audio files were being downloaded recently.

So I have now recoded around 550 pages to make it possible to download a file from any page, rather than just a set of files in a zip from the Audio page. This has more than doubled the number of downloads being made even in the first week.

There are now around 90 hours of recordings in over 700 mp3s on the site in English and Pāḷi; and they are taken from Canonical, Commentarial and other sources.

* * *

I have also recoded all the pages so it is now possible to make a google custom search of the site from any page. This hopefully makes finding any particular text/phrase/word even easier now, and as it comes up in a lightbox overlay, it can be accessed without leaving the page you are on.

Please note that there is also a document list on the site, which can be searched or filtered to find the materials that are available on the site.

Below is a screenshot showing both the facilities on one of the pages.

Audio and Search Facilities


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