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Godwin-1After completing the conversion to .epub and .mobi formats on my Ancient Buddhist Texts website, I set about converting the books on Godwin’s website and today I am publishing them.

The great advantage of this is that for one thing you don’t need to switch on a computer, and (if you haven’t downloaded the whole website) you also don’t need an internet connection.

In a very convenient form you can carry the books around with you along with your eReader, and delve into the teachings as and when needed.

I think this is especially useful when it comes to Godwin’s teachings, as they are reflective meditations in themselves, and being able to pick them up and put them down as easy as a hardcopy book is much more convenient.

The six books that are being made available in this format are:

Retreat Talks in Hong Kong:

  1. The Gentle Way of Buddhist Meditation (1997)
  2. Living Meditation (1998)
  3. The End of Suffering (1999)

Retreat Talks in Germany:

  1. Discovering Meditation (1996)
  2. Meditation for Everyday Life (1998)

Retreat Talks in Holland:

  1. Learning through Meditation (1996 & 1998)


Discovering Meditation in EPUBReader for Firefox
Discovering Meditation in EPUBReader for Firefox


The Gentle Way in Mobipocketbook Reader
The Gentle Way in Mobipocketbook Reader


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