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As some of you will have noticed this blog has now moved to a new address at buddhasasana.net. For a long time I wanted to move it to somewhere more appropriate, and over the weekend after a couple of failures I finally got it resintalled here.

I have updated links and redirects on the server side, and hopefully everything should work out of the box. Even if you attempt to go to the old address it (hopefully) will redirect to this one. If anyone does see any problems please do inform me, so I can fix it.

A few things have also changed on this blog and on the Dharma Documentaries blog recently to make them more mobile friendly, which is part of the ongoing maintenance and upgrading work that is part of the work on these websites.

Having moved to new and better servers last month we now finally have statistics again, and I am very impressed with some of them. The Dharma Documentaries blog now receives well over 120,000 page views a month, making it my busiest site.

Also Ancient Buddhist Texts, with around 60,000 page views, and Photo Dharma with around around 20,000 are still being visited quite well, especially as people are likely to stay on those sites and read texts, and view whole pages full of photographs.


Dharma Documentaries Statistics



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