Ajahn Suthep: 50+ Dhamma Talks


Last year I published on Dharma Records a number of videos I had recorded with Ajahn Suthep. Here is a handy list for them:

On Luangpor Teean (1)

On Luangpor Teean (2)

Introduction to Basic Dynamic Meditation

From a Revolutionary to a Buddhist Monk

Demonstrating Advanced Dynamic Meditation

The Development of Dynamic Meditation


Ajahn is one of the few Thai monks I know who can effectively teach in English, and his teachings are always based on the original teachings about the constituent parts, the sense-spheres and craving.

Besides these traditional teachings though, he hasn’t been afraid to introduce new elements into his presentation, and does a lot of body work, incorporating Qi Gong and Holistic health awareness.

Ajahn was at Vivekavana in early June and he passed me a collection of talks for pubication which he had given in Malaysia and Singapore over the past year.

Altogether there are 50+ talks now published on the Dharma Records section of the Internet Archive website.

They are mostly around one hour each and have been published in seven collections organised around the various places where he gave the talks.

Note that some of the talks from Vivekavana also have a translation into Mandarin thanks to Mong Long Tan (Max).

As there was so much material (4GB+) I wasn’t able to re-edit them and they are a little on the quiet side, so you may have to turn up the volume somewhat.

Here is a talk given at Ajahn’s workshop in the Klang Valley in March 2011 (the recording quality is much better here).

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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