Sofan Chan: Buddha Paintings

As anyone regularly following this blog will know I like to see old subjects from the Buddhist tradition reinvented and seen in a different light.

It seems to me that this shows that the tradition is really alive and that it hasn’t degenerated, at least in places, into a “souvenir art”, with no vitality.

I have previously highlighted the work of Virginia Peck, Paw Oo Thett and Kazu Shimura and others.

Today I would like you to share with you some more Buddha paintings by a young artist now living and working in Australia, with her sculptor husband Rochman Reese.

Sofan Chan was born in Hong Kong, and though it is hardly a strong Buddhist culture there any more still she was in contact with the tradition from an early age.

Her paintings have very bold and confident brush strokes, highlighted by a brightness of colouring which enables us to see the wisdom and compassion of the Buddha in a new light, full of life.

The energy flowing through the paintings reminds one of the Qi, the energy of the life force in the universe, swirling its way through ever-changing forms, a message particularly appropriate to the Buddha’s teachings.

Sofan is not only painting Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, which are what are represented here, but she has many themes on her Art of Happiness website including lovers paintings, mother and child and goddess themes.

If you like what you see here, then do visit her website where her works are on sale in different formats for those who would like some inspiration in their lives, or if you are in Australia, you could go along to her studio, where I am sure she will be happy to meet you.


Life Force
Life Force


Life Force
Live Your Dreams


Life Force
Rythym of the Divine


Life Force
Forest of Light


Life Force
Rainbow Consciousness


Life Force
Kwan Yin


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