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During my work on the prosody of the Ancient and Medieval Buddhist texts I sometimes have to make very complicated calculations to work out statistical information regarding occurrence of variations, etc.

I used to use the in-built Windows Calculator for this job, but I found it very inadequate as once a calculation is performed it sums it up, and you can move to a new one, but you can’t see all the operations you have done, and I found I was many times making mistakes.

I therefore decided to write my own Multi-Calculator which would show the operations I was trying to perform in the interface, which allows for checking and correcting (it only shows 13 operations but that is normally enough for my purposes).

As I have never seen a Calculator organised in this way and it seems to me to be quite useful I am now making my own Multi-Calculator available as a freeware download for Windows.


You can do simple similar multi-operations like addition (to change all the operating fields to addition just click on the radio button which sets the basic operation for all fields at once). To sum it up just hit the Calculate button:

Simple Addition

Or various kinds of different operations. Let’s say you needed to find how many milliseconds there are in 12 minutes 15 seconds. The calculation is 12 minutes times 60 seconds plus 15 seconds times one thousand (you can manually edit the operating fields by inserting + – * / % and **):

Various Different Calculations

For my work with metre variations in the texts I often have to find out percentages (when you click on percentage or power, only the relevant boxes remain visible, click on one of the other radio buttons to make them visible again):


Calculating to the power of is also very simple:


My Multi-Calculator can be downloaded by right clicking on this link and saving to your hard-disk. If you want a stand-alone (no install) copy download this file and run from anywhere on your computer.

The programme is made from an AutoHotkey script that I wrote. If you have AutoHotkey installed and you would like to modify it for your own purposes the script can be downloaded here.

I hope you find it useful, and if you have any feedback please leave it in the comments.


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