Bhante Anandajoti: What is Meditation?


AnandajotiLast Saturday (June 19th 2010) I gave a talk at the Vivekavana Buddhist Society on the subject What is Meditation? attempting to give people a broader perspective on meditation and how they can make it work for them in their own lives.

The talk was translated into Mandarin as we went along but I have edited those sections out and it flows along quite seamlessly. Be warned that the quality of the recording is fairly poor, but I feel that the content is quite useful, so I publish it here.

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3 comments to Bhante Anandajoti: What is Meditation?

  • Kah Choon

    Wonderful teaching practical in the best sense of the word and full of illuminating insights.

  • Jin

    Very helpful tips on how to make meditation part of our daily practice and not just by sitting on a cushion. Appreciate distinction made that sitting practice is a technique only (method ) and how we should make the effort to live and breathe meditation as part of life itself .Ways to undertake this practice by use of insight , brahmaviharas and samatha into our daily mental cultivation and how this mind training can be undertaken by seeing positive qualities in ourselves and others. Thank you Bhante more talks please , much metta . _/\_anjali

  • Appreciate this a lot, Thanks a lot for the talk. I try to implement in my daily lifestyle. Meditation Its much more easier than i think before. Now i can do it everyday,i can do it anytime , Not only the time when im free to sit down for a long period.Thanks.

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