Recording of Reading of Mahāsatipaṭṭhāna in Pāli Published


I first made my annotated text and translation of the Mahāsatipaṭṭhānasuttaṁ in 2005, and made a small revision of the translation in 2008. In 2011 I translated the Abhidhamma Satipaṭṭhānavibhaṅga, which threw extra light on the translation, and led to a further revision of the text.

At the same time I also extracted the text to a page by itself, to show what authorities were used and how the text had been established. The new readings are embedded into the various pages of the text.

There are two other recordings of the text as far as I know: a beautiful reading by Ven. Omalpe Sobhita Thero, which misses out around half the text; and another by Ven Na-Uyane Ariyadhamma, which is complete, but very adorned in its recital.

Both of these are fine renditions, but they are also difficult for the average reader to emulate or read along with. I have now made a recording of the text in Pāḷi, so that people can hear what the complete text sounds like in an unadorned reading.

The readings runs for nearly two and a half hours, but is broken down into 15 files, the largest of which by far is the section on the Truths at just over an hour long. These files can also be downloaded in a zip from the Audio page, which contains well over 100 hours of readings by now.


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