Appeal for Young Novice in Sri Lanka

Update January 2011:

Here is some more news about the novice we launched an appeal for last year:

After two weeks in the hospital in Colombo, Ven. Amilasiri took the novice back to Kurunegala. As you know, this monastery has become a center caring for elderly monks and now special nursing was required for a novice recovering from major surgery.

Little Ven. Pathmasiri had to be taken to Colombo for regular check-ups, and, for the first couple of weeks, he seemed to be doing well. Then he suddenly developed a low-grade fever with some swelling and redness at the bottom of the long incision.

Ven. Amilasiri took him to a local doctor who ordered that he be taken back to the hospital in Colombo. There, doctors reopened the incision and removed a bit of suture which had been carelessly left inside and was festering.

They cleaned out the infection and mended the incision. Even though the infection was caused by an error made by the hospital staff, and was not at all the fault of Ven. Amilasiri or the novice, who both had scrupulously followed doctors’ orders, the hospital charged another 250 US dollars for this procedure! Isn’t that outrageous?

Still, we’re happy to report that the novice is now pain free, is enjoying a good appetite, and has abundant energy. He can restart monastic school in the New Year, and he should be able to take part without restrictions, but he still has to be careful about over exerting himself physically, of course.

The charges for visits to the doctors and essential medications for the novice at the moment are $US100 a month and will continue at that price for the next 6 months at least, before his situation is reviewed by the doctors.

If anyone can help with these expenses, please see this page, and mark the donation “For Novice’s Ongoing Expenses”, or contact All monies will go direct to that cause with no overheads being taken.

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Ven. Pathmasiri showing his Operation Scar
Ven. Pathmasiri showing his Operation Scar

Ven. Amilasiri with his young ward Ven. Pathmasiri
Ven. Amilasiri with his young ward Ven. Pathmasiri


Update November 2010:

I just received this news about the appeal we launched in September, a Mahā Sādhu to all who helped and may you find comfort in time of your own need:

Dear Friends:

Originally, it had been arranged for Ven. Welikande Pathmasiri , the 9-year-old novice, to have heart surgery on November 21st. At the end of October, however, the little novice suddenly developed shortness of breath and some jaundice. Even his eyes and fingernails became yellowish. The abbot, Ven. Amilasiri, was alarmed and local doctors sent him to the hospital in Colombo which was originally going to do the heart operation. That hospital refused to accept him, however, saying that they were locked into the schedule of 21st November. Ven. Amilasiri then took him to Lanka Hospital. He was immediately admitted and prepped for surgery. During the operation to repair the hole in his heart, surgeons discovered other abnormalities which hadn’t been found in prior examinations. These also had to be corrected, so the operation on November 2nd took more than 7 hours in all. Afterwards, doctors informed Ven. Amilasiri that it was completely successful.

Ven. Pathmasiri has regained consciousness and, happy to report, is recuperating nicely. He’ll stay at Lanka Hospital for 14 days and after that, be transferred to Lady Ridgway’s Children’s Hospital to recover completely.

Since the surgery was done at a different hospital, on something of an emergency basis, and because it was more extensive than had been anticipated, the costs increased. As we understand it, the Sri Lankan Presidential Fund has provided 2 ½ lakhs for the operation. BRM’s generous donors from around the world have contributed the 300,000 rupees that Ven. Amilasiri originally asked us for.

We are delighted to tell you that Ven. Pathmasiri’s life-threatening heart defect has been successfully corrected so that he will be able to live what we all hope will be a long, healthy, productive life.

We’ll be posting updates on his recovery as we have them.

Sadhu! Sadhu!! Sadhu!!!

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Original Post, September 2010

I am posting an appeal for a young monk is Sri Lanka today. The appeal is organised by the Buddhist Relief Mission which is run by my good friends Ken and Visakha Kawasaki. If you can help with this or any of their other good works please follow the links below.

Novice Appeal

I have already sent this flyer out to a number of friends here in Malaysia, and before I have had time to post it on the Blog, we have already managed to raise US$1,000. Big, big sādhu to all the generous donors who have helped with this. Now we still need to raise some more funds to give this young novice a chance in life.

The links are:

Buddhist Relief Mission Home Page
Donation Page
Elderly Monks Report


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